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Setup Script

After installing the Open XDMoD Application Kernels package, another item will be added to the setup script. You can run the setup script and select this options (“Application Kernels”) to configure everything that is needed by Open XDMoD.

# xdmod-setup

Application Kernels

The application kernels settings include:

  • Database hostname
  • Database port number
  • Database username
  • Database password
  • AKRR REST API username
  • AKRR REST API password
  • AKRR REST API hostname
  • AKRR REST API port number
  • AKRR REST API end point

These settings are stored in portal_settings.d/appkernels.ini.

Cron Configuration

A cron config file (cron.d/xdmod-appkernels) is included that runs the script that emails scheduled reports.


This is the primary configuration file for the Open XDMoD application kernels package. It stores the credentials for the mod_akrr and mod_appkernel databases and the AKRR REST API.


This file is applied to the primary roles configuration (roles.json) and allows authorized users access to the “Application Kernels” and “Application Kernel Explorer” tabs in the Open XDMoD portal.

NOTE: The application kernel roles configuration file roles.d/appkernels.json uses a different format than the primary roles configuration file, roles.json. This file extends the configuration contained in the primary file. A key with the prefix + indicates that the value should be merged into the the value for the corresponding key in the primary file. This process is then applied recursively. In the default configuration, the application kernels module is added to the default role with three submodules.

    "+roles": {
        "+default": {
            "+permitted_modules": [
                    "name": "app_kernels",
                    "title": "App Kernels",
                    "position": 400,
                    "permitted_modules": [