Using → Ingestor Guide

This guide will attempt to outline the use of the Open XDMoD application kernel ingestor command line utility. This ingestor is responsible for loading data that has been collected from AKRR into the application kernel database. It also can calculate the application kernel control regions after ingestion is complete.

General Usage

The application kernel ingestor has many options, but typically a command similar to this will be appropriate:

$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor -l load -r

This will ingest all application kernel data since the previous ingestion, replacing any duplicates and then calculate the control regions.


To display the ingestor help text from the command line:

$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor -h

Verbose Output

By default the Open XDMoD ingestor only outputs what it considers to be warnings, errors or notices. If you would like to see informational output about what is being performed, use the verbose option:

$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor -v

Debugging output is also available:

$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor --debug


There are multiple ways to specify the timeframe of the data that is being ingested. The simplest is to use the --since-last/-l option with the load timeframe.

$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor -l load ...

You can also use the --since-last/-l with hour, day, week or month to limit the timeframe.

$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor -l week ...

If you know the exact dates that you want to ingest, that is also possible to specify using the --start/-s and --end/-e options. These will accept UNIX timestamps as values.

$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor -s 1420088400 -e 1422680400 ...

Recalculating Control Regions

For historical reasons there is also an option to re-calculate controls. This should not be necessary unless a bug was found in the control calculation implementation. Use with caution!

$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor -y ...

Replacing and Removing Data

By default, the ingestor ignores duplicate data. This allows you to specify a timeframe that overlaps with data that has already been ingested. Using the --replace/-r it is possible to replace any existing data with the newly ingested data. This option is currently recommended for normal use.

$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor -r ...

It is also possible to remove data that has been ingested before reingesting data from the same time period using the --remove/-m option. This was originally implemented for testing purposes and should not be necessary for normal use.

$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor -m ...

Restricting Ingestion

If data for only specific application kernels or resources should be ingested, this is also possible. The application kernel can be restricted with --kernel/-k and the resource can be restricted with --resource/-R.

$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor -k ...
$ xdmod-akrr-ingestor -R my-resource ...